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WE 300B - Western Electric™ 300B Vacuum Tube

Classification: Moderate power, filamentary triodes for Class A service.

Application: Audio-frequency amplifier in positions where power outputs of approximately ten watts or less are required at relatively low plate voltages.

WE 274B - Western Electric™ 274B Vacuum Tube

Classification: Full-wave, Thermionic High Vacuum Rectifier.

Application: The 274B tube is designed to supply direct current up to 200 milliamperes from an alternating current source. It comprises two filament type diode units with a common filament.

WE 308B - Western Electric™ 308B Vacuum Tube (PDF)

Classification: Filamentary air cooled triode.

Application: This tube was designed primarily for use as an audio frequency amplifier; or as a radio frequency oscillator or amplifier.

WE 437A - Western Electric™ 437A Vacuum Tube (PDF)

Description: The 437A Electron Tube is a high figure of merit triode with an indirectly heated cathode. It was designed primarily for the oulet amplifier of the L-3 tandem two stage amplifier.

WE 417A - Western Electric™ 417A Vacuum Tube (PDF)

Description: The 417A is a 9-pin miniature triode with an indirectly heated cathode. It is intended primarily for grounded-grid operation in the input stage of broad band amplifiers.
KT88 - Genalex Gold Lion KT88 (GEC brand in Continental USA)

Description: The KT88 has an absolute maximum anode dissipation rating of 42W and is designed for use in the output stage of an a.f. amplifier. Two valves in Class AB1 give a continuous output of up to 100W. The KT88 is also suitable for use as a series valve in a stabilized power supply.

The KT88 is a commercial version of the CV5220 and is similar to the 6550.
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