Mastering the craft.


“Capacity for Innovation is one of the ways in which Western Electric measures its performance for the Bell System.” - A Century of Communication Service

Until 1996 Bell Telephone Laboratories, jointly owned by Western Electric and AT&T, had a far-reaching reputation for innovation. Bell Labs has been responsible for some of the most revolutionary developments of the last 120 years, such as the transistor, first industrial use of lasers, the first digital computer, the first communications satellite, talking movies and much more. To learn more about the history of Western Electric, visit our Historic Library.

Today, Western Electric continues in the traditions of the past and upholds the values that made it one of the most successful companies in the world.

Innovation and Invention

Always experimenting, evaluating and inventing new technology to ensure our product’s advance the industry in performance, quality and ease of use.

Engineering Excellence

Design and engineer state-of-the-art products that enable our customers to enjoy the best audio experience in the world.

High Quality High Volume Manufacturing

Using advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques to ensure consistent high quality at competitive prices.

Operational Excellence

In collaboration with industry thought leaders, designers, engineers, and customers, continuously improve our products and services to ensure they meet and exceed expectations.

Customer Service

Always accessible and available when you need it. Your satisfaction is our success.