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You’re a slave to music and knowledgeable about recordings. Your taste runs to dynamic, accurate, and transparent. Moving up the Gauder Akustik line available through Western Electric Select® we offer the Cassiano MK II. This incredible speaker may be purchased with ceramic drivers and tweeters or with the coveted diamond tweeters for those aspiring to utter clarity in their lives. All drivers are custom-designed for Gauder Akustik by Accuton.

Extreme Clarity

A devoted music lover might upgrade to the Cassiano MK II in a search of speakers that minimize cabinet resonances and muddying driver interactions. Gauder Akustik eliminates resonance with a curved speaker back that dampens internal standing waves. Each speaker is sand-filled at the factory ready to play. Negative driver interactions are eliminated with steep 50dB symmetrical crossovers and peak-performance impulse response resulting in extreme clarity.

The MK II is an extremely low-distortion speaker with deep, tight bass, a big soundstage with high-end imaging and separation between performers… the clarity and openness is startling. While many customers are attracted by the tremendous performance and value of the all-ceramic Cassiano MK II, an equal number are choosing the “delicious” Diamond tweeter, as a MK II owner recently described it to us. He was also enthusiastic about the wide array of beautiful finishes he was able to choose from.

The clear, luminous MK II features a Room Equalization System, a three-position jumper for 0 to -1.5dB, 0 to 0 dB (linear) and 0 to +1.5dB. Choose less, linear or more bass depending on your taste and the sound in your room.

As a devoted music lover, you owe it to yourself to audition a pair soon.


3-Way Speaker

4 ohms

410 watts

21cm W x 41cm D x 110cm H
(8.27in W x 16.14in D x 43.31in H)

30kg (66lbs)


3-way speaker system

3-way room equalization system

Sand-filled cabinet

50dB high-slope crossovers

Accuton ceramic and diamond drive-units

WBT binding posts

Optional Features

WE SELECT products are manufactured to order. Delivery lead time for Cassiano MK II is 5 weeks. Price includes shipping from the manufacturer to any location within the continental US.

Delivery time may vary depending on availability of finish materials, diamond and ceramic drivers. Estimated delivery time will be provided at the time of the order.

Questions? Call 404-352-2000.

"Even when the orchestra gets really tootling along, the Cassianos remain unruffled and unconfused. Everything stays clear and in its place and unobstructed by any extraneous noise from the speakers themselves."

Robert E. Greene
You're the Top!
The Absolute Sound - January 2014